Guarded Heart #2


In the Abstractikka collection, @jakkvega combines distinctive elements of multiple artistic currents and styles, creating a visual language inspired by street art and cubism. The unique pieces in this series, in addition to having a strong visual impact due to the bright colors and a chaotic but balanced composition, tell a story rooted in the artist’s daily paths and emotions.

Guarded Heart #2 exploits the common traits of the series, generating an illustration with a strong symbolic value, in which a thick one-line stroke blends extremely different visuals in a single organic block, which allows all of its parts to have a weight, a breath. A protected but imprisoned heart, which metaphorically reminds the viewer of the effort that everyone has to endure to protect their emotions from danger, and from the fear of loneliness. But, in the artist’s words, “the truth is, being vulnerable is the key to our freedom because it releases us from the illusion of control”.

@jakkvega is a San Francisco visual artist, illustrator, and muralist best known for his unique blend of abstract and graffiti-inspired modern art. His work contains social, spiritual and existential themes that reflect his interest in introspection and exploration of the human experience. His most recent sold-out collection “Abstractikka” features a colorful view of complex emotions.

This artist will be exhibited at NFT.NYC, the annual event that celebrates NFT culture, from June the 20th to the 23rd.

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