A work by @tommasobuldini, Hi{e}ll is an animation that symbolically represents a piece of hell, but, as the artist says, it is also “a research for beauty in diversity”. A complex work, so rich in elements that fit together that it requires extreme attention to observe. A vision which recalls, like many of the Italian artist’s works, a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

Hi{e}ll is the only work in the exhibition to be accompanied by a soundtrack, a short, macabre jingle composed by Saul Adamczewski, the provocative genius musician of, among other projects, The Fat White Family.

In the opera, with an anthropomorphic hill as its main nucleus, the protagonists are full of esoteric charge, each one engaged in a different path. Despite the evident demonic-inspired appearance, the characters’ goal is not to scare the observer, but to carry them towards the surface, “where colors shine and where monsters are not so scary”.

@tommasobuldini, artist and video maker, defines his works as an attempt to speak the language of dreams, describing each of his characters as “the cog of an irrational machine that works in a deep dimension and emerges to trace a path that leads to self-consciousness”

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